Rates and what´s included

Is the hunting license included or does it have an extra fee?
Processing and license fee are already included in the cost of the hunt.

What's the extra night rate?
For Gould's turkey hunting an extra night is $200 if you leave before 10:00 AM the next morning. Otherwise, the night will cost $300 ($200 for those accompanying hunters). For deer hunts, the extra night is also $300.

As it is shown in the website, accommodation and meals are included in the price rate, right?
Yes, and drinks too, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Do extracurricular activities such as horseback riding, bike rides, etc. have an additional cost?
No, they do not have an additional cost.

How can I make my deposit to secure the reservation?
Contact us to provide you with detailed information.


- Are there any direct flights from the U.S. to Durango?
Yes, American Airlines offers a daily direct flight from Dallas, TX to Durango city.

- Which airports and airlines can I use to reach Durango, Mexico?
Flight alternatives change constantly, so it's best to check with a good travel agency when planning to
visit us.
A common way to get to Durango is through Mexico City (or Monterrey). Mexico City is well-connected to the U.S. with many daily flights starting in major US cities. Just make sure to arrive in Mexico City with enough time to catch the daily flights to Durango city. As we write this, among the direct flights, there's one that leaves Mexico City at 12:10 P.M. and another one at 5:21 P.M. that arrives in Durango at 7:00 P.M. Check before making plans because flight times change constantly.

- How do I get to the ranch once I am in the city of Durango?
Our guests are driven to the ranch in comfortable modern vehicles with at no extra cost. This transportation would have a cost for special trips of groups with less than 4 people.

Where to stay in Durango city?

If I want to stay for a night in Durango City, which hotel do we recommend?

Hotel nearby the city center
Hotel Gobernador
Tel. (01) 618-813-1919
Av. 20 de Noviembre # 257 Ote.

Hotel nearby the airport
Hotel Victoria Express
Tel. (01) 618-829-1500
Blvd. Francisco Villa # 2017

Hotel Holiday Inn Express
Tel. (01) 618-829-2000
Blvd. Francisco Villa # 4315, Ciudad Industrial

Weapons and ammunition

Is it possible to bring my own weapons to the ranch?
Yes it is, but going through Mexico City with them is a bit of a hassle. The way to do it would be by flying directly from the U.S. to Durango. We would do all of the paper filing.
An alternative is that you simplify your trip and use our 12 gauge shotguns (Beretta and Mossberg) or one of our rifles of the following calibers: 243, 270 and 300.

(guides, hunted animals, taxidermy, etc.)

Do guides and staff speak English?
A few of them speak some English but understand more. However, we have a lot of experience with English speaking clients and have never had a problem with communication. Our guides and hunters have always been able to communicate basic information. We also have a host who is fluent in English and serves as translator at the lodge.

Do you offer a guide per hunter?

If I want my prey skinned, can your staff at Durango Ranch handle it?
Yes, we have several experienced staff members who will do it for you for a tip. We'll freeze your trophy so you can take it back home in a cooler.

Besides turkeys, what else can I hunt during Turkey season?
Javelina, the rate is $300.

About the trip to Mexico

What documents are required to enter Mexico?
Just a valid passport.

Which currency or paying method should I bring to my trip (mexican pesos, US dollars, credit cards, travelers checks...)?
US dollars are well accepted in Mexico, but exchanging some dollars into pesos is a good idea.
Once you are in the ranch, no money will be needed except for tips, extra trophies or extra nights of stay.

What about cellphone range in Mexico and in "El Durangueño"? Do you offer internet services?
Cell range depends on the company of your telephone. We recommend to verify this with your cellular company. Some sections in the road to Durango do not have service.
We have wireless Internet service at the ranch, at no cost, but it is not fast.