Vacation Testimonials

"Accommodations were ideal, with spacious rooms, individual baths and daily room service. The food was incredible, with every drink you could imagine teamed with a variety of meals that spoke of the local culture and flavor. If you didn’t have a drink or snack in hand it wouldn’t be a minute before Orlando, the lodge's chief hand, would be there, with a smile, for requests. There were numerous activities at the ranch for the entertainment of every personality, from the very active to the more serene. The atmosphere was comfortable, relaxed and casual."
- Tom Graves ph. 360-887-3058

"We spent unforgettable holidays at El Durangueño, which is a real paradise in every sense of the word. Our bedrooms were beautiful, in good taste and very comfortable. The service we received was that of a first rate hotel. The food deserves a special mention: It is delicious and varied. There is no doubt that we will return and we will recommend this place to our friends."
-Francisco Javier and Carmen Rodríguez. Madrid, Spain.

"From the first evening meal we were served upon our arrival, through the end of our stay, the food and service were second to none. The kitchen staff was friendly, eager to please, and professional at all times. Each meal was equally impressive. The quality, variety - and quantity - of the meals we were served far exceeded anything we have ever experienced - even on high-end cruise lines. We all left the Ranch with a new appreciation for authentic Mexican cuisine, and a desire to take the kitchen staff home with us.
Orlando (from the house staff) deserves special recognition for the constant attention he gave to everyone in our party. In addition to assisting the kitchen staff, Orlando always seemed to appear from nowhere any time one of us needed our drink refreshed. When we moved indoors as the temperatures dropped in the evening, in just minutes Orlando had the fire roaring and after-dinner drinks served. Always courteous and with a smile.
The accommodations at the Ranch are simply beyond description. Large, comfortable bedrooms - each with a private, well-appointed bath. Three sitting rooms with fireplaces. A game room with pool table and board games. A large flat-screen TV and an immense library. Unbelievable decor. And every inch of it spotless.
One of our favorite spots was the gazebo, where we spent countless hours enjoying the wind whispering through the pines and the relaxing ambiance of the fountains. The owner has spared nothing in his efforts to make his guests comfortable and their surroundings enjoyable. This was, without a doubt, one of the most relaxing vacations we have ever taken.
The owner and his staff went to great lengths to be sure we enjoyed our trip."
-Jeff and Becky Sellars. Kansas City, Mo. Tel. 1-816-838-0822

Hunting Testimonials

"Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Rancho El Durangueno... far exceeded anything I would have ever expected. You were truly… “a gracious host”. The (house staff) and the guides were all top notch and went well beyond any reasonable expectations to make our stay as enjoyable, comfortable, and as fun as possible... the food (was) so good that we wouldn't be able to say no to everything that was on the table… (Everybody) made sure that all six of us were comfortable and well taken care of no matter what time it was or how outrageous the request... My guide, Calaco, was top notch. I have been on several guided turkey hunts and... I arrived with the idea that I would be doing all the calling and decision- making. It was a pleasant surprise to find just how good Calaco was. He knew where and when to go, which areas the turkeys were using, and what to do once we got there... he was a pleasure to talk to and hang out with... when I come back... I will be requesting Calaco as my guide. El Durangueno has more turkeys than any place than I have ever hunted. (We) signed up for four days of hunting to make sure we had enough time to try for two birds each. Everyone had at least one bird by the second morning and decided to only shoot bigger birds for the next two days. It took us until the next morning to accomplish that goal. Six of us killed 14 birds in two and a half days, and could have very easily have shot three times that many. Great food, great host, the best guides I have ever used and more turkeys than any place I have been, what more could a turkey hunter ask for? It would be an honor to tell people about what a great place Rancho El Durangueno is.
Wes Murphy"

"Everything was first class, from the time your guides met us at the airport until the time the dropped us off after our hunt was complete. I cannot say enough about your facilities and staff; I haven been on many big game hunts across North America and I would put your operation at the top of my list. The amount of turkeys on your ranch is almost unimaginable, and there is a real chance to take a new world record Gould's every time someone hunts there. I took what will be the new #6 overall Gould's Turkey and had a chance at an even bigger bird the next day. I saw my friend Dalton Dowdy have 9 mature longbeards in front of him at one time, all within 30 yards, probably one of the most exciting hunts I have ever witnessed!! All of that being said, the best thing I feel you have to offer is your kindness and attention to detail, you always seemed to want to make sure everything was just right for our group and I appreciated that immensely ."
-Rusty Hayes. Albany, Georgia

“I have just returned from hunting at El Durangueño in Mexico for the Gould’s turkey. The ranch has a fantastic lodge, great support staff and an abundant amount of huge Gould’s turkeys.I have been on over two hundred guided hunts throughout the world and I rank this operation second to none. Everything about it is first class. I highly recommend you use El Durangueño for your Gould’s and Coues deer hunts.
They have many hunters that come back many times with their wives and friends and combine the hunt as a mini vacation. They provide horseback riding, fishing and the atmosphere and scenery is beautiful.They have their own air landing strip and if you prefer to fly in, will line up a charter for you.A few years ago they shot the world record Gould’s turkey there. If you check the record book, you will find that this place dominates the top 20 - they have about twelve birds in the top 20 record book.If you have any questions about the experience on my Gould’s turkey hunt, please feel free to call me at 507-251-2506.”
- E. Gil Gilberston. Michigan, USA

"I have been hunting in Mexico and Argentina for 23 years and have not found a better operation than the Durangueño Ranch. The number and quality of birds, the guides, the accommodations, the food and the hospitality were superior. As far as security goes, the staff pick you up at the airport and drive you to the interior of the 55,000 acre ranch, where you will not see another human being other than ranch staff. My wife and I felt safer than we do in Dallas."
-Tom James, MD. Dallas, Texas

"While on my turkey hunt during the spring of 2011 I had more encounters with Gould’s turkeys at Durango Ranch than I would have ever dreamed of. The locations they chose for me to hunt were well thought out, and after taking two trophy birds in two days I was more than impressed. The meals and lodging where an experience of their own. This hunt was worth every penny.
In addition to the turkey hunting, I couldn't help but notice the number of Coues deer I kept encountering. And, when I was shown the collection of world class Coues deer racks and skulls he had, I was blown away. Several of the deer were over 115 inches and one or two of them were north of 120 to 125, with some non-typical character to them. I will definitely be going back to chase a trophy Coues deer down in the very near future."
-Jason Michael. Turbotville, PA

“El Durangueño has to be one of the finest places in the world to hunt Gould's turkeys! From the beautiful ranch itself, to the guides, staff… this is one great place to hunt turkeys. The hunting is phenomenal as are the accommodations and food. The guides are very knowledgeable in turkey hunting and they and the rest of the staff treat you very well…I have been fortunate enough in my two times at the ranch to have killed two turkeys that are in the top ten NWTF records, one taken with a bow and one with a shotgun. I completed my two World Slams there. If you are looking for a place to kill a Gould's turkey, look no further.”
- Kevin Brocato. Shreveport, LA, USA

“Our party of six veteran turkey hunters visited El Durangueño ranch in April 2004. After our hunt, we all agreed that was by far the most enjoyable hunting experience we have ever had. The accommodations were five star, the food and service were superior, and the hunting was outstanding. I have never hunted an area with such a large population of turkeys (we all harvested a fine gobbler). I would highly recommend El Durangueño if you are planning a Gould's turkey hunt. I am confident that El Durangueño offers the very best Gould's hunting experience in Mexico."
-Don Hayes. Col. USAF [RET.] and Captain Southwest Airlines [RET.]. Nashville, Tennessee

“I had to once again tell you what a great time I had & what an amazing place El Durangueño truly is!!! I had been hearing nothing but fantastic "stories" about the ranch for several years & now, after having gone myself, I can say: "the stories are TRUE”!!! I cannot believe there could possibly be a better place to "trophy hunt" for a gobbler. I was literally like a "kid in a candy store". I just don't know how to describe the experience, only to say it was "unbelievably amazing"!!! And of course, not only was the hunting unbelievable, the lodging at the ranch was beyond incredible!!! The staff & guides were honestly above & beyond being accommodating & friendly!!! And, lets not forget about those fantastic meals!!! To sum up: it was "record book" class all the way!!! ”
- Tim Krause

"The wild turkey hunting at Rancho El Durangueño is simply fantastic -just maybe the finest turkey hunting anywhere in all the world's wild turkey kingdom!" ". . . never have I seen son many turkeys, not such enormous ones as I observed at Rancho El Durangueño -and it would not surprise me if the next World's Record will be harvested there!" "It was unforgettable!, terrific!, unbelievable!, fantastic!".
- Mr. Howard W. Pollock. Member of Congress for Alaska (retired) and former President of Safari Club International

"From the professional airport pickup, to the expert guides you provided us, to the world class Gould's turkey hunting to the five-star accommodation, all aspects of the hunt were absolutely outstanding. I apreciate your taking a personal interest in the hunt and in making sure our trip was an absolute success.
I have hunted extensively throughout North America in the pursuit of the wild turkey and have taken two Royal Slams of wild turkeys and I can honestly and truly state with authority that Rancho el Durangueño is premier Gould's wild turkey destination. You have set the standard against which all other turkey hunting locations should be judged "
-Dalton D. Dowdy. Albany, Georgia.

"El Durangueño was an experience of a lifetime, even though I have filmed in many states. This ranch is at the top of the list, from the hunting, to the service of guides and the food. It was all first class. Turkeys were everywhere!"
-Mike Skinner (from "The Management Advantage" T.V. show). Alabama

“The turkey hunting is the best I’ve seen for any sub-species anywhere in North America. The guides are professional and flexible and the birds respond to calling very, very well. The birds also measure up and there are lots of them. I saw over 150 birds in 3 days. The ranch owners are committed to long term habitat improvement and the maintenance of quality Gould’s turkey habitat.”
-Wally Murphy. Professional “Certified” Wildlife Biologist in the USA for 27 years (New Mexico).

"We had a wonderful time hunting Gould’s turkeys with you. The accommodations were excellent, the food was delicious, and the guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and energetic.You answered all our questions promptly and completely, via email, before our hunt. This is very important to us because we want to be prepared for different eventualities before we come for the hunt. We have hunted in many different places—South Africa (4 times),Namibia, Zimbabwe (3 times), Argentina, Southern Mexico, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Nunavet (400 miles below the North Pole)-- and this hunt was at the top of our list.The household staff was very attentive to our needs. At our age, 76 and 74, and with our physical limitations we sometimes require more attention than others. The guides were right there to help us and to make sure we were comfortable. You also were very available when we needed you.There were lots of turkeys and the set-up for the blinds and feeders was great. It was obvious the guides were very experienced. We liked the fact that you take only 6 hunters at a time. That way we get lots of individual attention.We had no fears about our safety. We were picked up immediately at the airport and taken without incident to the ranch. The ranch is a very beautiful place with lots of interesting history. We hope to come again."
-Larry and Joanne Witte