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2024 Season

(Limited to bow hunters)

Starts Monday, September 23rd

Ends Tuesday, October 15th

Elk were abundant in northwestern Mexico, and specifically in the Durango-state area, until they were hunted indiscriminately and exterminated over 100 years ago.

Our ranch is an ideal habitat for elk, so we bought the best specimens we could find in the southwestern U.S. and began to reintroduce them in 2008.


They’ve done wonderfully and the herd has grown exponentially.

Be among the fortunate few to harvest our trophy-quality elk!

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Contact us to obtain prices on: 

  • Hunting package.

  • Cost for Non-hunting companion for a 5 night stay and accompanying staff (guide, pilot, etc.)


  • Harvesting an extra elk.

  • Additional nights and additional hats (from the one we give our hunters).

Telephone numbers (in Mexico) are:

Office: 011-52-81-8303-4999 or 

Cellphone: +52-81-1413-6797


OTHER HUNTS: Duck hunting, javelina and predator hunts (bobcats, lynx, coyotes, etc.)  Going out with specific intention to hunt them, whether successful or not, is considered a hunt and charge accordingly.

What's Included

  • One elk.

  • 5 nights stay in first-class accommodations

  • All the needed permits.​

  • An experienced guide for each hunter.

  • Delicious meals, plus local and imported drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

  • Transportation to-and-from the city of Durango; also the transportation within the ranch.

  • Preparation of your hunted deer, in order for you to take home.

  • The use of our horses so that the hunt can be made on horseback.

  • Souvenir hat.


Our elk hunts are only with bow, although some exceptions can be made to allow
crossbow hunting, such as a physical impairment, injury or young age.

Payment of 50% of the hunt cost is required as deposit to confirm and secure a
reservation. 75% of such deposit can be refunded if a cancelation is made at least 90 days before arrival.
The balance of the total cost is needed to confirm the hunt no later than 90 days prior to the first scheduled day of the hunt.

In cancellations of a fully paid reservation between 89 and 30 days prior to arrival, half of the package cost will be lost, but the other half can be used towards deposits of a hunt for the next year. If not used then, the money will be lost.

In cancelations made within 30 days prior to arrival, the whole payment is lost.

Wounded elk are considered as harvested.

A video showing a hit, or any blood found and the saying of the guide are considered enough to determine that the elk was wounded.

We´re not responsible for the export of trophies. Hunters arrange for the transportation and export of their trophies, but we´re happy to provide all the help we can give.


Check-in is at 14:00; check-out at 10:00.

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